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Michele Bertoli

Michele Bertoli

Michele is a Front End Engineer with a passion for beautiful UIs. He works at Facebook and authored the book React Design Patterns and Best Practices.

michele.berto.li     @MicheleBertoli

Test like it's 2017

Testing UIs has always been a hard job. In the components era, there are new tools and solutions available that transform completely the way we approach testing. From snapshots, through end-to-end frameworks, to style guide testing. In this talk, we'll see some modern (and creative) testing solutions.

Iheanyi Ekechukwu

Iheanyi Ekechukwu

Iheanyi Ekechukwu is a Software Engineer at DigitalOcean, living in Brooklyn, NY. He enjoys working with Ember.js and Go and also making videos for Egghead.

iheanyi.com     @kwuchu

gRPC and Protobufs

In this talk, we'll be exploring how to use gRPC, an RPC framework by Google, in order to build out a simple client/server application in two different languages. From this talk, you'll be able to walk away with knowledge about how both Protocol Buffers and gRPC work and how to use gRPC to build out your services.

Claudia Hernandez

Claudia Hernández

Claudia Hernández is senior frontend developer at Dailymotion in Paris. She has previously worked on projects for companies such as Air France, EDF, Groupe SEB and Aéroport de Paris. Claudia has a computer science background and loves learning emerging web technologies. When she is not coding, chances are you’ll find her reading a book ! Claudia also loves travelling and discovering new cultures.


Down the Rabbit Hole: Javascript in Wonderland

What even makes sense in Javascript ? For a language originally created in 10 days it surely has a lot of quirks and perks many JS developers are unaware of. Sometimes, it might even seem like we fell down the rabbit hole only to find that NaN is actually a Number, undefined can be defined, +!![] equals 1, Array.sort()may not work as you suspected and so much other nonsense that can trip any JS developer's mind.

This talk is a collection of Javascript’s oddities and unexpected behaviors that hopefully will prevent some future headaches and help understand the language that we all love in a more deeper and meaningful way.

Felix Palmer

Felix Palmer

Coming from a physics background, Felix got into software by writing games in Flash. Since then he has spent time working in London and Silicon Valley, working with a wide range of technologies, from mobile to cloud, server to web. He enjoys combining the visual with the technical and is excited about the opportunities WebGL brings. He is one of the founders of Procedural, where he works on creating 3D visualizations, such as those seen on piste.io.

pheelicks.com     @pheeelicks

Safari in Safari

WebGL is now widely available on desktop and mobile. When Apple announced support for WebGL in Safari, I decided to recreate the Safari logo in 3D to celebrate. This talk will cover the technical details on how something like this can be built using nothing but JavaScript. Using the THREE.js library, I'll show you how you can build up your own scenes from geometric primitives, apply materials, lighting and more to create compelling 3D experiences.

Michelle Bu

Michelle Bu

Michelle lives in Oakland and works at Stripe. She currently works on the Payments Web team, where she makes iframes and input masking pleasant to work with. Previously, she worked across the stack, on everything from faxing chargeback evidence to building user interfaces for Stripe Radar. In her spare time, she enjoys leisurely walks in grocery stores.


Typing and Math in JavaScript

Primitive data types and type coercion in JavaScript are unintuitive and limited. JavaScript has caused hours of pain and debugging even for the most experienced developers. We've all seen sneaky "undefined"s lurking in the corners of our UIs...and why is it that 16 + 'foo' is '16foo'—that's not what we learned in math. In this talk, we'll explore how we can take new tools like Flowtype, add some simple math, and emerge with a safer JavaScript programming environment.

Alessandro Cinelli

Alessandro Cinelli

Alessandro Cinelli (a.k.a. cirpo) is currently working in London as Lead/Tech Coach at AND Digital. He loves playing with programming languages and giving back to the community. When he was in Italy he has been a board member of the Italian PHP, Javascript User Group and WEBdeBS, co-organizing several events such as agileday, phpDay, jsDay, nosqlday and Nodejsconf. These days he is busy co-organizing tech events with @WEBdeLDN in London.


The evolution of asynchronous JavaScript

One of JavaScript’s strengths is how it handles asynchrony. Async is one of the most important and often misunderstood part of Javascript or any other language. We will see how dealing with asynchrony in JavaScript evolved over the years. It all started with callbacks, it landed on generators and..

Alex Sexton

Alex Sexton

Alex lives in Austin TX and works as a front-end infrastructure engineer at Stripe. He is on the Modernizr core team, and previously served on the jQuery Board of Directors, which is now The JavaScript Foundation. He enjoys contributing to open source. You might be interested in his internationalization library, messageformat.js. He also runs the Texas JavaScript conference in Austin, TX.

alexsexton.com     @SlexAxton

Bounty Hunting: Finding Holes in Modern JS Apps

We're pushing more and more logic into our front-end applications, and along with that we're adding more and more surface area to make mistakes in. Luckily, as our apps grow, so do the tools that help us lock things down. Let's go over a bunch of ways that developers leave themselves open to vulnerabilities, learn about some of the cooler exploits that have occurred in the wild, and then learn about the best ways to avoid entire classes of these problems in our applications.

Constantin Dumitrescu

Constantin Dumitrescu

Constantin is a web application architect living in Bucharest, Romania. He's been working for over 7 years with distributed data-driven systems for broadcasting and trading platforms. Besides obsessing over the simplification of code and architecture, he is passionate about sharing everything he learned throughout his entrepreneur, development, management and research experience.

https://github.com/dumconstantin     @dumconstantin

Minimal Application Development with JSONMVC

You can write the same app in different languages, styles, frameworks or architecture. But beneath that jargon and abstractions one thing always remains the same. An essential bit that makes everything else superfluous. Join me in an insightful session that will empower you to write the most concise and abstraction-free application you'll ever build.

Pepijn Schoen

Pepijn Schoen

Coming from real time computing and cloud platforms, Pepijn Schoen is passionate about software architecture and engineering best practices. He works as CTO for Voya (www.voya.ai) and has been involved with Ember.js for some time, now broadening to the generic Javascript community. Talk to him about coffee and nuclear fusion, if you are interested in an uninterruptible stream of consciousness.


Continuous deployment for SPAs

Continuous integration, automated testing and continuous deployment are terms that found solid footing in back-end projects, but front-end seems to lag behind. With popular frameworks like Angular, Ember and React offering solid build and testing tools, it's high time to play catch-up. DeployJS and CI tools like Travis can help us get there in no time.

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