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Dan Shappir Dan Shappir
Performance Tech Lead @ Wix
Tejas Kumar
Tejas Kumar
Engineering Manager @ Contiamo
Machine Learning
Charlie Gerard
Charlie Gerard
Creative Technologist and Software Developer @ Atlassian


Co-curator & Conference MC

Bruce Lawson
Bruce Lawson
Freelance Web Standards Consultant

Workshops. Full-day workshops with some fantastic trainers.

Divya Sasidharan

A Vue on Component Patterns

Monday, September 23, at Radisson Hotel.

Componentization is a concept central to most of frontend development today. What makes this so powerful is the ease with you can compose and reuse code across codebases. Even so, composing components for optimal reusability and scalability is harder than it seems. It requires a firm understanding of the framework to access the underlying API and the ability to weigh out pros and cons of using one pattern over another. In this workshop, we will examine various techniques and design patterns to take your code from meh. to yeah!

What we’ll cover:

  • Dependency Injection with Provide/Inject
  • Encapsulating behavior with Slots
  • Renderless Components with Scoped Slots
  • Render functions and JSX
  • Vue Hooks!

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Dan Shappir

Web Performance API Deep Dive

Monday, September 23, at Radisson Hotel.

Performance is currently at the forefront of many, if not most, web development projects. Fortunately, modern browsers provide a wealth of performance-related information and services, which can be used to monitor and optimize page load speed and responsiveness.

The primary source of such information is the aptly named Web Performance API. In this workshop, I explain how this API works, and show how to best use it to extract detailed performance information about your website. In addition, I show how to leverage the Web Performance API in conjunction with browser dev tools, and how to use it for performance monitoring to prevent performance regressions.

Aspects of the Web Performance API that I will cover in detail include the Web Navigation API, Resource Timing API, User Timing API, Beacon API, and more.

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